Who We Are

A small yet rapidly growing organisation with a big, loving heart. Located in Australia & the United States we work hard to help people realise the true healing powers nature has shared with us for free.

Our Beliefs

We believe that as humans our purpose in life is to better ourselves for the next world. With the joy & growth that comes from helping others we see your health, as our priority.

The Vision

The world is rapidly changing as people realise the corruption, greed & mis-conduct our political leaders have created. Inevitably in time, our nation known as Earth will attain equality, peace & unity.

What is Oregano Oil ?

Oil of oregano is a versatile herb. Containing Carvacrol & Thymol, oregano oil conveys quite powerful anti-fungal properties similar to garlic, onion & coconut milk. Learn more

Oil of Oregano Uses

Uses include & are not limited to: Topical application for symptoms such as - acne, scabies & thrush. Internal application against digestive & respiratory issues. Learn more

Carvacrol & Thymol

Carvacrol is a monoterpenoid phenol. It naturally inhibits bacteria growth i.e: E.Coli. Thymol is a monoterpene phenol which contains strong antiseptic properties. Learn more

Growing Oregano

Known as a tender perennial, growing Origanum Vulgare can be easy, simple & healthy. To insure successful growth well-drained soil & full sun exposure are a must. Learn more

Bacterial infections

Certain species of bacteria remain harmless living by the billions on your skin & in your body. Pathogenic bacteria on the other hand may cause havoc if correct precautions are not exercised. Learn more

Candida over-growth

Candida albicans is a naturally growing yeast which insures the fermentation of scraps within the intestinal tract. Certain medication, foods & habits can cause candida to flourish causing long-term issues. Learn more

Organic antibiotics

Conventional antibiotics have quite low production costs but only provide short term relief. Natural antibiotics such as horseradish, lime & oregano oil provide long term solutions the way nature intended. Learn more

Where to buy

We do offer oil of oregano for your convenience though you can also purchase from a range of health food & specialty stores. Before your purchase be sure the oil is organic & safe for human consumption. Learn more

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